About Us

The Hungarian Association for Symphonic Bands, Ensembles and Majorettes (Hungarian abbreviation: MaFuMaSz) is the only Hungarian organization of wind band conductors, composers, performers, publishers, teachers, instrument makers and friends of wind music. MaFuMaSz is a non-profit Hungarian association open to all individuals, institutions and industries interested in symphonic wind bands and wind ensembles as serious and distinctive mediums of musical expression and cultural heritage. MaFuMaSz has a membership of over 500 individuals and organizations in Hungary.

Goals and Objectives

MaFuMaSz and its many members strive to:

  • assist in all ways possible the development of band activities in Hungary.
  • encourage the international exchange of conductors, teachers, students, and composers.
  • help others recognize the importance of the symphonic wind band and the wind ensemble for international and national communication and understanding.
  • encourage the composition of band literature of excellence that reflects national heritages and transcends international boundaries.

Officers of the Association:

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Ferenc Szabó


Attila Ella

Vice President
(Wind Section)

Dr. Judit Tóthné Rozsályi

Vice President
(Majorette Section)

László Dohos

Honorary President

Board of Directors (Wind Section)

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László Bán Gyula Bekker Adrián Horváth János Krcsméri
MG sza tl
Gábor Markovics Attila Szélesi László Tóth

(Majorette Section)

Zita Balogh-Tóth
Beáta Cserpesné Buzási
Csikós Györgyné
Renáta Futaki
György Gmoser
Mónika Jónásné Bacsó
Éva Kovácsné Bretus

Hungarian Association for Symphonic Bands, Ensembles and Majorettes
Stefánia út 34., H-1143 Budapest, HUNGARY
Tax Number: 19622938-1-42